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Pool Filter Vs. Pool Pump Systems

When you live in Minnesota and you’re looking for options for pool cleaning Minneapolis, you should take time to consider the difference between a filter and a pump system. The pump circulates chemicals through your pool, ensuring even disbursement. A filter is there to get rid of the debris that has been sucked into the drain or the skimmer, to keep it out of the pump.

The primary purpose of a pump and filter are to keep your pool clean. The circulation and aerating of the pump discourages algae growth and easily circulates/disburses chemicals through the pool. Basically, your swimming pool is a pond that is being chlorinated and circulated. If you didn’t have this going on, it would end up looking like a pond somewhere in the woods.

If you are replacing a worn-out pump or installing a new pool, it’s critical that you speak with an expert to make sure that you choose the right model and size pump. Most brands will have several models to choose from based upon the size you need. Chances are that most of them will have an option for you that is suitable for your pool, so make sure to do your research to avoid spending too much- or not enough.

A pump is powered by a small motor located on the main unit. It works very much like a vacuum cleaner. It creates suction in the underground pipes and forces the water through the main drain. The water will then travel through the pipes until it reaches the filter. Most of the time, you’ll find two separate filters in your pool. One is a basket filter for larger debris such as leaves. The second filter is larger and fibrous and works to filter out any smaller particles that you don’t really want in there.

Keep in mind that you will need to maintain your pump and filter system in your pool or you will be calling out a company who specializes in pool cleaning Minneapolis. In addition, the pump will use lots of electricity, so expect your electric bills to increase an average of 25 percent.